An entry-level credential for people who are providing support services to adults or children who are receiving substance abuse or mental health services in residential programs, in-patient settings or community based programs.

After completing our information form, CLICK HERE to obtain specific information and the requirements to obtain the Behavioral Health Technician Certificate.

Why Choose the Addictions Training Institute®

  • Fully online program
  • Education professionals for over 15 years
  • Board approved
  • All the education you need to get certified
  • Instructors are experienced practitioners
  • SAMHSA predicts job growth of 20% by next year
  • Have a better life by helping others recover from addiction

  • Meets IC & RC requirements
  • Complete your education requirements quickly
  • Interaction with seasoned instructors
  • Convenient – study when you have time
  • Certification leads to more money
  • We know substance abuse treatment inside and out

Benefits of the Addictions Training Institute

  • Affordable, our entire program costs less than most other schools
  • Financing available
  • Educational materials based on IC & RC exam
  • Curriculum designed to meet state requirements
  • Exceptional student support
  • Study from home
  • Complete your education in less than a year

  • Experienced Instructors
  • Courses available 24 hours a day
  • All courses designed to teach you want you need to know to pass the certification exam
  • Practice exams available
  • Scholarships available
  • Learn from the same sources that are used to develop the credentialing examination

This package or series of courses has been designed to meet the requirements of the Florida Certification Board for the Behavioral Health Technician. We will provide additional courses to meet the requirements for other states, unless the requirements are excessive.

Currently the BHT certification package is thirty hours long and consists of a series of courses, each with their own exams. Students have 3 chances to pass the exam, after which there could be a fee to reset the exam. The most common reason to fail an exam is the material was not read.

Students have the option to print out the exam in advance and take the courses open book style. Answering the questions as they read the material, then coming back and entering the exam questions online. Exams are scored instantly. Upon successfully completing an exam, students complete the course evaluation, upon which the certificate of completion will be displayed. Students have the option of printing, downloading or emailing the certificate at this point. Students will need the certificates of completion to apply for the state certifications.