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We offer Alcohol and Drug Counselor Certificate Programs for those who want to prepare to become a substance abuse counselor. We also provide continuing education units for drug counselors who are already certified.

About Our Institute

The Addictions Training Institute (ATI) was founded in order to meet the increasing need for well trained professionals in the field of substance abuse counseling. ATI developed its training program around the IC&RC standards which are used by 76 boards, including 47 U.S. states and territories and all branches of the U.S. Armed Force.

We provide students with an affordable and flexible way to complete the required training to become a certified drug counselor in order to accomplish our mission to make the world a better place by training the people who help others.

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September 29,2022

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June 14,2022

As Covid cases continue to decline, the world is starting to develop a new normal. Isn’t it time to reboot yourself and ditch your unhealthy habits??
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It takes about 21 days to form a habit. Two years (roughly 730 days) ago this month, the world was thrown into living in a pandemic, bringing on more stress and anxiety for many of us. How did you cope? What habits did you form? Do you eat more, or drink more than you did before Covid? If the answer is yes, you’re not alone!!

“During the first week of stay-at-home restrictions in March 2020, Nielsen tracked a 54% increase in national sales of alcohol. This came as bars and restaurants closed….But the most recent data from Nielsen show sales of beer, wine and spirits at the start of 2022 remain higher than they were in 2019. That trend is also reflected yearly: In 2019, spirit sales totaled about $16.3 billion, compared with $21 billion in 2021. Bottom line: Alcohol sales have remained higher than they were before the pandemic, even after adjusted for inflation.” Source: NPR
As Covid cases continue to decline, the world is starting to develop a new normal. Isn’t is time to reboot yourself and ditch your unhealthy habits??

Here Are 4 tips to Reboot:

Make an appointment with yourself
Just as you wouldn’t skip a work meeting or doctor’s appointment, putting time on your calendar to walk, run, or go to the gym can help you stick with it.

Set bite-sized goals
You want to focus on something you can make progress on each day. This is true, whether you’re trying to change exercise or eating habits, or if you’re trying to save money. Saving $150 a month is the same as saving $5 a day, but when we focus on the smaller daily goal, it feels better.

Make it fun
Hold off on watching your favorite show until you’re at the gym. Then, you could be achieving your workout goal and enjoying yourself at the same time. Or, if you’ve been wanting to reconnect with a friend, ask them to join you for a walk. You’ll combine rekindling a friendship with getting in your steps.

Bet on yourself
We’re more likely to achieve our goals if we have to give up something if we don’t stick to our plan, like putting money in a jar every time you smoke a cigarette. You can do this on a website, such as STIKK, or just make a bet with a friend or partner.


July 13,2021

SAC 101 Introduction to Substance Abuse Counseling

August 16,2021

SAC 105 Professional Development for the Addictions Professional

online school for addiction studies Complete the program from the comfort of your home.

Why Choose ATI?

We only use instructors with both academic credentials and experience working in the field of substance abuse, so you know you are learning from a seasoned professional. We have also based our curriculum and required reading around the books used to devlop the IC & RC exam. You are learning from the same sources that are used to develop the credentialing examination.

Self Development

The War on Addiction


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We have certifications that run year-round. Also, we’re constantly adding new certifications. Check our full course listings.

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