Addictions Training Institute – Student Testimonials
Student Testimonials

Real Testimonials from ATI Students

  • “I feel that I gained a substantial amount of knowledge on the progression of the war on drugs and the way that the government has handled these in various areas of the world including USA.“
    – Katelyn D.
  • “I liked learning more about what clients are actually experiencing and the ways people are affected differently by drug misuse when they are going through addiction.“
    – Marian D.
  • “I appreciated the understanding and concern the professor showed when my grade slacked off.“
    – Clarissa F.
  • “This was my first online class, and the learning platform was very straight forward, informative and easy to navigate. I was well informed of everything needed to successfully complete this course. Professor Kelly Moselle had a great sense of humor and was super helpful along the way. I'm also grateful to Lulu for her help in assisting me with any questions and ensuring my seamless enrollment. Thank you!“
    – Lana H.
  • “The material was very informative. I'm computer challenged and this course made it easy for me to participate. The instructor was very knowledgeable and answered questions in a timely matter.“
    – Jayneann H.